New 2019 Ford F-150 3.0L Power Stroke Tuning Support

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Edge is excited to add performance tuning coverage to the Evolution CS2/CTS2 and EvoHT2 platforms for the all-new 2019 Ford F-150 3.0L Power Stroke diesel truck.  Over the years, Edge Products has redefined the in-cabin monitoring market with the gauges.  Today we’re excited to add tuning support for this new diesel truck.  You now have access to real-time monitoring to manage a host of parameters in the truck to keep you running safe and smooth while gaining up to an additional 53HP and 128 ft-lbs of torque.  Check out all the great features for the Ford Power Stroke 3.0L. 

Feature Options:

  • Auto Start-Stop:  Enable/Disable
  • Axle Ratio:  3.15 – 4.56
  • TPMS Setting:  Enable/Disable
  • Front Tires Pressure:  1-90 psi
  • Rear Tires Pressure:  1-90 psi
  • Tire Size:  28-40
  • Speed Limiter:  Stock/Raised
  • Rev Limiter (EvoHT2 only):  Stock/Raised
  • Manual Regen (Evolution Only):  Yes

Power Levels:

  • Economy 15 hp & 19 ft-lb tq
  • Towing 41 hp & 42 ft-lb tq
  • Extreme 53 hp & 128 ft-lb tq
  • Trans Only

Note: any current inventory can be updated by our update software to include this latest coverage. 

Kansas City Rims
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