• NEW Winter i*cept evo2 (W320)

    Ultra High-Performance winter tire developed for maximum performance during harsh winter conditions

  • Kinergy ST (H735)

    The Standard Touring All-Season Tire

  • Kinergy PT (H737)

    Premium Passenger and Crossover Touring All-Season

  • Ventus V2 concept2 (H457)

    Experience the pleasure of driving with a stylish and economical tire

  • Ventus V12 evo2 (K120)

    Extreme running through advanced technology

  • Ventus S1 noble2 (H452)

    The ideal balance of ultra-high performance all-season

  • Optimo H725 (H725)

    High-mileage all-season tire

  • Optimo H426 (H426)

    The premium all-season tire: satisfies the strict performance requirements of automakers

  • Optimo H724 (H724)

    Suitable for a variety of car types

  • Winter i’Pike RS (W419)

    New standard for performance winter tire

  • Winter i*cept iZ 2 (W616)

    The new and improved studless winter performance tire

  • Ventus RS4 (Z232)

    Strong movement. We realize extreme ultra high performance for the FINAL WINNER

  • Kinergy GT (H436)

    Premium grand touring all-season.

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