• Proxes Sport

    The all-new Proxes Sport creates a greater connection to the road with improved contact, improved grip, and improved handling.

  • Proxes T1R

    The Proxes T1R is an ultra-high performance summer tire designed for sport sedans and coupes.

  • Proxes R1R

    Years of grueling on-track experience and advanced engineering shine through in this extreme-performance summer tire.

  • Proxes 4 Plus

    The Proxes 4 Plus is the perfect match for high-horsepower sports cars, delivering exceptional all-season performance and a quiet ride throughout the life of the tire.

  • Proxes 4

    Car enthusiasts choose the Proxes 4 for its aggressive styling, all-season performance and wide range of sizes.

  • Proxes R888R

    The Proxes R888R is an evolution of the race-winning Proxes R888, delivering even faster lap times and better dry handling.

  • Proxes R888

    The Proxes R888 is for drivers who know what it means to really push a car.

  • Proxes RR

    Race-ready off the shelf with a 4/32 inch-deep tread, the Proxes RR delivers consistent lap times and predictable handling on dry tracks.

  • Proxes RA1

    The design and components of the Proxes RA1 came from our experience in winning races all over the world.

  • Proxes RS1

    The Proxes RS1 is a full-slick competition tire* that provides consistent performance throughout the life of the tire.

  • Proxes TQ

    This DOT drag radial* was designed to help muscle cars and street machines transfer power to the ground.

  • Proxes ST III

    The Proxes ST III is the perfect balance of dynamic looks and sport-oriented performance for trucks and SUVs.

  • Proxes S/T

    This low-profile, high-performance tire offers great value in a wide range of weather and road conditions.

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