CCTV car camera for safety on the road accident

Whether you need a touchscreen GPS with DVD capabilities, or headrest screens for the kids in the backseats, KC Rim Shop got you covered. Call us at 816-348-8978


We offer built-in and mountable headrest monitors for when you want quiet children in the backseat. Come in and see what we have in stock!


Want to know how to get to where you’re going? Our GPS systems are simple to use, customizable, and non-distracting so you can get safely to your destination in record time.


Don’t run over the family pet or lawnmower. Backup cameras are the best way to back up confidently. View the progress of your efforts on your dashboard monitor, and you’ll be parallel parking like a pro in no time.


Have you been pulled over and want to prove to the cops that you didn’t run that red light? Want to record that bozo in front of you and get his license plate info– before he runs into you and speeds off? Keep the world responsible with a dash-cam to record everything that happens in front of your car. It might just save you from some unpleasant insurance situations.